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Old Time Radio Shows

Here is where you will find information and links about our favorite types of Old Time Radio shows...

Detectives, Hard Boiled and otherwise

The Adventures of Sam Spade
The Adventures of Philip Marlowe
Philip Marlowe, the wise-cracking detective that was the definition of what an hard boiled detective should be, continues his adventures on the air. ThrillingDetective.Com describes him: "What more can I say about PHILIP MARLOWE? ... It's all here, from the loneliness, the quick, sarcastic cynical jibes masking a battered romantic, the love/hate relationship with the cops, the corruption that exists in all levels of society. It's all here. Philip Marlowe, for better or worse, is the archetypical private eye. By the time he wrote his famous essay, The Simple Art of Murder, even Chandler realized it."
The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe
Nero Wolfe
Richard Diamond, Private Detective
The Falcon
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar


The Weird Circle
Since I didn't have a better category for this 30 minute show, I figured it should go in Drama. THE WEIRD CIRCLE presented 30 minute tales of horror, frequently inspired by classic horror or ghost stories, frequently done by French authors.
Randy Stone, top reporter for "The Chicago Star", hits the streets of Chicago looking for human interest stories and any chance of exposing criminals. Randy's ability to "get involved" created a half-hour of intriguing drama always closing with Stone's crisp call, "Copy boy!".
The Lives of Harry Lime (based on The Third Man)
Starring the man who many have identified as being the best male voice on radio, and one of the classic filmmakers of all time; Orson Welles. Follow the ongoing story of Harry Lime, a character immortalized by Orson Welles in the movie "The Third Man".
Box 13
Alan Ladd stars as Dan Holiday, a newspaper reporter who has left the daily grind behind for the life of a fiction writer. In order to drum up story ideas, he places an ad in his old paper with responses care of Box 13.
Lux Radio Theatre
THE LUX RADIO THEATRE was a 1930's-40's radio anthology that presented one-hour adaptations of popular films, often with the same cast. It was also known as LUX PRESENTS HOLLYWOOD, and later, when it moved to television, as LUX VIDEO THEATRE.
Mercury Theater of the Air
The Chase
The Chase finds itself in drama because it presented stories of myster, adventure, drama, fantasy, crime, horror AND Science Fiction.
The Damon Runyon Theater
A dramatic anthology based on the stories of Damon Runyon. A real Guys and Dolls story adapted for radio.


Casey, Crime Photographer
CBS Radio Mystery Theater

Action Adventure/Thrillers

John Dunning's "Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio" hails Escape as being one of radio's greatest series of high adventure. This show, which ran erratically on CBS, was aired from July, 1947 until September 25, 1954. Escape is known for putting short stories by some of the worlds best writers on the air including stories by Rudyard Kipling, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Joseph Conrad. So, without any further ado we offer you... ESCAPE!
Rocky Fortune
Rocky Fortune is currently one of the show playing in the Living Room. Follow the adventures of Frank Sinatra for a short while as Rocky Fortune!
Voyage of the Scarlet Queen
THE VOYAGE OF THE SCARLET QUEEN was a short-lived adventure series heard over Mutual stations. It starred Elliot Lewis as Captain Philip Carney, master of the ketch Scarlet Queen and Ed Max as Mr. Gallagher. The voyage starts in San Francisco and the Scarlet Queen travels westward in the Pacific. The first episode is from San Francisco to Honolulu. The shows track the voyage from port to port. The action of one episode can carry over into the next episode, but the series should not be considered a serial. Each show is a complete 30-minute adventure.
The Air Adventures of Jimmy Allen
Radio drama takes to the air with Jimmie Allen and his teenage buddies solving crimes as they go.
The Green Hornet
The Saint
The Shadow
Dangerous Assignment


The Mel Blanc Show
Mel Blanc, the voice of Bugs Bunny, had been heard on many radio shows, such as THE JACK BENNY PROGRAM, THE JUDY CANOVA SHOW, BURNS AND ALLEN, THE ABBOTT AND COSTELLO SHOW and POINTE SUBLIME prior to his own show. He even appeared as Pancho in an episode of THE CISCO KID, "The Ransom". On Sept. 3, 1946, Mel Blanc got a comedy show of his own, THE MEL BLANC SHOW. It was heard over the CBS radio network, sponsored by Colgate, on Tuesday at 8:30 P.M. It, unfortuantely, ran for only one season.
Red Skelton

Science Fiction

Beyond Tomorrow
Dimension X
Space Patrol
X Minus One
Bradbury 13

Juvenile Series

Speed Gibson of the International Secret Police
Speed Gibson and his friends fly around the world busting all the criminal arms of "The Octopus".

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