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My favorite MP3 player

How do you listen to your OTR programs in MP3 format?

My favorite is the Digisette Duo player. This metal-framed MP3 player is shaped like a standard audio cassette and has the advantage that not only can you plug your headphones in and listen, but you can also stick it in a conventional cassette deck (like your car) and listen to your favorite tunes or shows.

In addition to playing MP3 files, these wonderful toys will also play content from Audible; a great source for audiobooks, newspapers, magazines and radio shows. With a firmware upgrade, you can also play WMA files as well.

Current versions of this product now offer a base memory of 32, 64 and 96 megs PLUS the ability to expand the base memory with MMC cards. The Digital Audio Players (as opposed to the Aria E-Cassette) include a digital voice recorder so you can dictate on the fly.

Here are the current versions that you can buy through Amazon:

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