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The Mel Blanc Show
                 T H E   M E L   B L A N C   S H O W
                 -----   -----   ---------   -------

                             1946 - 1947

First Show: 09-03-46                              Last Show: 06-24-47
Number Shows: 42                                  Audition Show: none

Show Description:

Mel Blanc, the voice of Bugs Bunny, had been heard on many radio
his own show.  He even appeared as Pancho in an episode of THE CISCO
KID, "The Ransom".  

On Sept. 3, 1946, Mel Blanc got a comedy show of his own, THE MEL 
BLANC SHOW.  It was heard over the CBS radio network, sponsored by 
Colgate, on Tuesday at 8:30 P.M.  It, unfortuantely, ran for only 
one season.

List Comments:

Like most comedy shows, these shows were untitled.  Fortunately,
most catalogs have show dates.  I have taken the various show titles
and arrived at a common title based on them.  Where this couldn't be
done, two or more titles are given.  Entries in the SRC KEY field
match the closest title.  When searching these catalogs, look for the
date instead of the title.

The title banner reports 40 shows but the list contains 41. The Radio
Memories catalog listed 40 shows with show numbers and identified the
06-24-47 show as #41, the last broadcast.  Both Ed Carr and the RHAC
catalog showed a broadcast on 02-18-47, #23 whose title is virtually
the same as Radio Memories' #40.  It may be that they are the same.


    Date      Num  Title                                 Got it?
    --------  ---  ------------------------------------  ---
    09-03-46    1  The Fix-It Shop For Sale              *
                   Alt: Pucker Candy
                   Alt: Birthday Card Promotion
                   Alt: Birthday Card Mix-up            
    09-10-46    2  The Efficiency Expert                 *
    09-17-46    3  Mel Bakes A Prize Winning Putty Cake  *
    09-24-46    4  Colby's Water Heater                  *
    10-01-46    5  Mr. Owens' Visit                      *
                   Alt: Muscle Man Mel Enters Contest
    10-08-46    6  The Fishing Rod                       *
                   Alt: Mel, The Casanova
                   Alt: Betty Thinks Mel Is In Love
                   Alt: Sally And Mary Lou
    10-15-46    7  Two Ballgame Tickets                  *
                   Alt: Two Tickets To The Postman's 
                   Alt: Mel Wants To Take Betty To Ball
    10-22-46    8  Betty Rhodes, Movie Actress, In Shop  *
                   Alt: Songwriter
    10-29-46    9  Community Chest Fund Drive Show       *
    11-05-46   10  Mel Breaks The New Radio              *
    11-12-46   11  Mel Imitates Actors                   *
                   Alt: Initiates Colby Into Lodge
    11-19-46   12  Mel Impersonates Mr. Colby            *
                   Alt: Astrologer
    11-26-46   13  The Thanksgiving Show                 *
    12-03-46   14  The Elopement
    12-10-46   15  Betty's Christmas Present             *
                   Alt: Mr Colby's Radio Show
                   Alt: Mel Needs Money For Xmas 
    12-17-46   16  Exchanging Gifts                      *
                   Alt: Mel Buys Gifts For Betty
                   Alt: Christmas Shopping
    12-24-46   17  Mel Plays Santa Claus                 *
    12-31-46   18  Man/Zebra Of The Year                 *
    01-07-47   19  The Broken Prize Record Of Caruso     *
    01-21-47   20  A Rich Foreign Relative               *
    01-28-47   21  The Masquerade Costume                *
    02-04-47   22  The Man To Marry Betty                *
                   Alt: Betty Has Three Dumb Suitors
    02-11-47   23  The Fix-It Shop Is Sold               *
                   Alt: Everyone Forgets Mel's Birthday
    02-18-47   24  Case Of The Missing Slice Of Bread    *
    02-25-47   25  The Comedy Team                       *
                   Alt: Mel Impersonates Movie Star
    03-04-47   26  The Stuffed Pheasant                  *
                   Alt: Councilman Colby
    03-11-47   27  Mel Sells Colby's Valuable Painting   *
                   Alt: Art Clitic
    03-18-47   28  Mel Is Engaged To Two Women           *
                   Alt: Cousin Dottie Visits
    03-25-47   29  Miss Uga-Uga-Boo Beauty Contest       *
    04-01-47   30  The April Fool's Inheritence Joke     *
    04-08-47   31  The $100 Easter Egg Hunt              *
    04-15-47   32  Crashing The Colby's Society Party    *
    04-22-47   33  Mel, The Literary Expert              *
    04-29-47   34  James Mason Gets Mel's Role In A Play *
                   Alt: Mel Plays James Mason
    05-06-47   35  Mel Buys Phoney Oil Stock             *
    05-13-47   36  Supermarket Journel Editor            *
                   Alt: Colby Gets A Quick Education
    05-20-47   37  Mel And Betty, Trial Seperation       *
    05-27-47   38  The French Interior Decorator         *
                   Alt: Mel Paints Colby's Supermarket
                   Alt: Zookie Paints The Supermarket
    06-03-47   39  Mel And Benson Compete For A Summer   *
                      Cottage By The Sea
    06-10-47   40  The Chinese Philosopher               *
                   Alt: Graduation Speech
                   Alt: Dr. Lao Is Insulted By Zooky
    06-17-47   41  Mel And Benson Compete To M.C. A      *
                      Show At Colby's Supermarket
    06-24-47   42  The Missing Bread Slices              *
                   (Last Broadcast)

Information Sources:

The information above was obtained from the following OTR vendor
and club catalogs.  Contact them directly for more information.

Key Source
--- -----------------------------------------------------------------
 1  Radio Memories, 1600 Wewoka St., North Little Rock, AR 72116
 2  Edward J. Carr, 216 Shaner Street, Boyertown, PA 19512
 3  Ken Mills (deceased)
 4  University of Memphis Radio Program Archive, Microforms Dept.,
    McWherter Library, The University of Memphis, Memphis, TN 38152
 5  Radio Showcase, Steve Kelez, PO Box 4357, Santa Rosa, CA 95402
 6  Society to Preserve & Encourage Radio Drama, Variety & Comedy,
    PO Box 7177, Van Nuys, CA 91409-7177
 7  Radio Historical Association of Colorado, PO Box 1908, Englewood,
    CO 80150
 8  Adventures in Cassettes, 5353 Nathan Lane North, Plymouth, MN

To be fair to all, this is not an endorsement of the above vendors
and clubs.  I receive nothing by mentioning them.  They help keep
OTR alive.  Please support them.

Other Logs or Books:

* THE MEL BLANC SHOW log, Jerry Haendiges, 13808 Sunset Dr., Whittier,
  CA 90602 (available from the Internet at The Vintage Radio Place,

Last Update: 02-23-00

Please send error corrections or additional information to Frank 
Passage, 109 Elmwood Road, Verona, NJ 07044 or via e-mail to

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