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X Minus One

- --------- -----

1955 - 1958

First Show: Apr 24, 1955 Last Show: Jan 09, 1958
Number Shows: 127 Audition Show: Apr 22, 1955

Series Description:

X MINUS ONE was an NBC science fiction series that was an extension,
or revival, of NBC's earlier science fiction series, DIMENSION X.
which ran from Apr. 8, 1950 through Sept. 29, 1951. Both are
remembered for bringing really first rate science fiction to the air.

The first X MINUS ONE shows used scripts from DIMENSION X, but soon
created new shows from storied from the pages of Galaxy Magazine. A
total of 125 programs were broadcast, some repeats or remakes, until
the last show of Jan. 9, 1958.

There was a one-program revival attempt in 1973, shown at the end
of the log.

Log Comments:

The series is well represented in vendor and club catalogs, and there
is little disagreement on dates and titles. NARA's catalog listed 2
shows that had no dates and didn't match up with any other catalogs.
One, "The Atomic Lab's Problem", is most likely "Chain of Comand".
The other, "Night Camp", could not be matched up and is shown at the
end of the list.

As mentioned above, many ot the early X MINUS ONE shows used
DIMENSION X scripts. Toward the end of the series, there were some
repeats of earlier shows. I've identified these by putting a
previous show code in the "Title / Author / Notes" column. If the
earlier show was a DIMENSION X show, the code will be "Dnn", where
"nn" is the show number. X MINUS ONE shows use "Xnn". The code will
always be enclosed in parenthesis.

Cast members are from Steve Kelez' Radio Showcase catalog. Authors
came from Jim Widner. Jim and Meade Frierson III collaberated on a
book covering X MINUS ONE and many other shows, a "must-have" for
science fiction fans. See the "References" section below.

Jay Hickerson's "Ultimate History" was used to verify data used in
this log. (See "References" section).


Date Num Title / Author / Notes In The Cast Src Key
------ --- ----------------------- -------------------- -----------
Apr 22 Aud "And The Moon Be Still John Larkin, 23
As Bright" by Ray Clark Gordon
Bradbury. (D26)
Either Friday evening
promo for the start of
series or audition.

... starts on ...
... Sunday evenings ...
Apr 24 1 "No Contact" by Louis Van Rooten, 123456789AB
George Lefferts Wendall Holmes
May 01 2 "The Parade" by Joseph Curtain, 123 6789AB
George Lefferts (D21) Joe DeSantis
May 08 3 "Mars Is Heaven" by Wendall Holmes, 123 6789AB
Ray Bradbury Peter Kapell
May 15 4 "Universe" by Robert Donald Buka, 1234 6789AB
Heinlein (D31,D42) Peter Kapell
May 22 5 "Knock" by Fredric Alexander Scourby, 123 6789AB
Brown (D05) Louis Van Rooten
May 29 6 "The Man in the Moon" Santos Ortega, 123 6789AB
by George Lefferts Ross Martin
Jun 05 7 "Perigi's Wonderful Joe DeSantis, 1234 6789AB
Dolls" by George Janet Alexander
Lefferts (D18)

... no programs from ...
... 06-12 to 07-03 ...
... then switched to ...
... Thursday evening ...

Jul 07 8 "The Green Hills of Ken Williams, 123 6789AB
Earth" by Robert Nelson Olmsted
Heinlein (D10,D32)
Jul 14 9 "Dr. Grimshaw's Bill Lipton, 1234 6789AB
Sanitorium" by Leon Janey
Fletcher Pratt (D25)
Jul 21 10 "Nightmare" by Stephen John Gibson, 123 6789AB
Vincent Binet (D36) Louis Van Rooten
Jul 28 11 "The Embassy" by Bill Zuckert, 123 6789AB
Donald Wollheim (D09) John Larkin
Aug 04 12 "The Veldt" by Ray Bill Quin, 1234 6789A
Bradbury (D43) Mary Patton
Aug 11 13 "Almost Human" by Santos Ortega, 123 6789A
Robert Bloch (D06) Joan Allison
Aug 18 14 "Courtesy" by Clifford Bret Morrison, 1234 6789A
Simak (D41) Ira Warren
Aug 25 15 "Cold Equations" by Bob Hastings, 1234 6789A
Tom Godwin Kurt Benson
Sep 01 16 "Shanghaied" by Ernest Louis Van Rooten 1234 6789A
Kinoy (D29)
Sep 08 17 "The Martian Death Matt Crowley, 123 6789A
March" by Ernest David Pfeoffer
Kinoy (D34)
Sep 15 18 "The Castaways" by Karl Weber, 1234 6789A
Ernest Kinoy (D19) Staats Costworth
Sep 22 19 "And The Moon Be Still 12 6789AB
As Bright" by Ray
Bradbury. (D26)
(Also dup. of promo.)
Sep 29 ... no program ...
Oct 06 20 "First Contact" by Wendall Holmes, 1234 6789A
Murray Leinster (D47) Bob Hastings
Oct 13 ... pre-empted for ...
... music special ...
Oct 20 21 "Child's Play" by Bill Zuckert, 1234 6789A
William Tenn (D38) John Gibson
Oct 27 22 "Requiem" by Robert Joe DeSantis, 1234 6789A
Heinlein (D49) Jim Boles
Nov 03 23 "Hello, Tomorrow" by John Larkin, 123 6789A
George Lefferts (D24) Jan Miner
Nov 10 24 "Dwellers in Silence" Anne Seymore, 123 6789A
by Ray Bradbury (D40) Karl Webber

... switched to ...
... Wednesday ...
... evening ...

Nov 16 25 "The Outer Limit" by Joseph Julian, 123 6789A
Graham Dorr (D01,D23) Wendall Holmes
Nov 23 26 "Zero Hour" by Ray Les Damon, 123 678
Bradbury (D11) Nina Ritter
(15 minutes)
Nov 30 27 "The Vital Factor" by Joe DeSantis, 123 6789A
Nelson Bond (D44) Louis Van Rooten
Dec 07 28 "Nightfall" by Isaac Santos Ortega, 1234 6789A
Asimov (D50) Wendall Holmes
Dec 14 29 "To the Future" by Ray Terry Keane, 1234 6789A
Bradbury (D08) Alexander Scourby
Dec 21 30 "Marionettes, Inc." by Les Damon, 123 6789A
Ray Bradbury (D46) Karl Swenson
Dec 28 31 "A Logic Named Joe" by Mandel Kramer, 123 56789A
Murray Leinster (D13) Wendall Holmes
Jan 04 32 "The Roads Must Roll" Santos Ortega, 1234 6789A
by Robert Heinlein Bob Hastings
Jan 11 33 "Time And Time Again" Jack Grimes, 123 6789A
by H. Beam Piper Peter Fernandez
Jan 18 34 "Perigi's Wonderful 12 56789A
Dolls" by George
Lefferts (D18,X07)
Jan 25 35 "The Parade" by George 12 56789A
Lefferts (D21,X02)
Feb 01 36 "The Cave of Night" by Alexander Scourby, 1234 6789A
James E. Gunn Joe DeSantis
Feb 08 37 "C-Chute" by Isaac Bob Hastings, 123 6789A
Asimov Lyle Sudrow
Feb 15 38 "Skulking Permit" by Dick Hamilton, 123 56789A
Robert Sheckley Wendall Holmes
Feb 22 39 "Junkyard" by Clifford John Larkin, 123 56789A
D. Simak Bob Hastings
Feb 29 40 "Hello, Tomorrow" by 12 6789A
George Lefferts
Mar 07 41 "A Gun For Dinosaur" Wendall Holmes, 123456789A
by L. Sprague DeCamp Donald Buka
Mar 14 42 "Tunnel Under the Les Damon, 1234 6789A
World" by Frederik Bob Hastings
Mar 21 43 "A Thousand Dollar A Bob Hastings, 123456789A
Plate" by Jack Wendall Holmes
Mar 28 44 "A Pail of Air" by Joe DeSantis, 123 56789A
Fritz Leiber Ronnie Liss

... switched to ...
... Tuesday evening ...

Apr 03 45 "How 2" by Clifford Les Damon, 123456789A
D. Simak Joseph Bell
Apr 10 46 "Star Bright" by Mark Lawson Zerbe, 123456789A
Clifton Sarah Thussel
Apr 17 47 "Jaywalker" by Ross Bob Hastings, 12346 789A
Rocklynne Terry Keane
Apr 24 48 "The Sense of Wonder" James Monks, 123 56789A
by Milton Lesser Bill Quin
May 01 49 "Sea Legs" by Frank William Redfield, 123456789A
Petrocchi James Stevens
May 08 50 "The Seventh Order" by Nelson Olmsted, 123456789A
Jerry Sohl James Monks
May 15 51 "Hallucination Orbit" John Larkin, 1234 6789A
by J.T. MacIntosh William Redfield
May 22 52 "The Defenders" by Lydia Bruce, 123 56789A
Phillip K. Dick Warren Parker
May 29 53 "The Lulungameena" by Ralph Camargo, 123 56789A
Gordon R. Dickson Ned Weaver
Jun 05 54 "Project Mastadon" by Floyd Mack, 123456789A
Clifford Simak Dick Hamilton
Jun 12 55 "If You Was A Mocklin" Joseph Julian, 123456789A
by Murray Leinster Patricia Weil
Jun 19 56 "Project Trojan" by Burford Hampton, 123456789A
Ernest Kinoy Allistair Duncan
Jun 26 57 "Wherever You May Be" William Redfield, 123456789A
by James E. Gunn Patsy O'Shea
Jul 03 58 "Mr. Costello, Hero" Wendall Holmes, 1234 6789A
by Theodore Sturgeon Mandel Kramer
Jul 10 59 "Bad Medicine" by Cliff Carpenter, 1234 6789A
Finn O'Donovan Bill Griffis
Jul 17 60 "The Old Die Rich" by Jim Boles, 123456789A
H.L. Gold Jan Miner
Jul 24 61 "The Stars Are the Craig McDonald, 123 6789A
Styx" by Theodore Patsy O'Shea
Jul 31 62 "Student Body" by F.L. Bob Hastings, 123 6789A
Wallace John Radee
Aug 21 ... no program due ...
... to Republican ...
... Convention. ...
Aug 07 63 "The Last Martian" by Mandel Kramer, 123 56789A
Frederic Brown Elliott Reid
Aug 14 64 "The Snowball Effect" Ted Osborne, 1234 6789A
by Katherine MacLean Wendall Holmes
Aug 28 65 "Surface Tension" by Louis Van Rooten, 123 56789A
James Blish Lawson Zerbe
Sep 04 66 "The Tunnel Under the 2 6789A
World" by Frederik
Pohl. (X42)
Sep 11 67 "The Lifeboat Mutiny" Leon Janey, 123 56789A
by Robert Scheckley Mandel Kramer

... no show 09-18 & ...
... 09-12, switched ...
... to Wednesday ...
... evening ...

Sep 26 68 "The Mapmakers" by John Larkin, 1234 6789A
Fredrick Pohl Ed Prentiss
Oct 03 69 "Protective Mimicry" Mandel Kramer, 1234 6789A
by Algys Budrys Wendall Holmes
Oct 10 70 "Colony" by Phillip K. John Larkin, 12345678 A
Dick Fredericka Chandler
Oct 17 71 "Soldier Boy" by Larry Haines, 1234 6789A
Michael Shaara Ralph Bell
Oct 24 72 "Pictures Don't Lie" Joe DeSantis, 123456789A
by Katherine MacLean John Gibson
Oct 31 73 "Sam, This is You" by Larry Haines, 1234 6789A
Murray Leinster Pat Hosley
Nov 07 74 "Appointment in Ted Osborne, 123 6789A
Tomorrow" by Fritz Bob Hastings
Nov 14 75 "The Martian Death 12 6789A
March" by Ernest
Kinoy (D34,X17)
Nov 21 76 "Chain of Command" by John Gibson, 123456789A
Steven Arr John McGovern
Nov 28 77 "The Castaways" by 12 6789A
Ernest Kinoy.
Dec 05 78 "There Will Come Soft 12 4 6789A
Rains" and "Zero
Hour" (2 stories)
by Ray Bradbury (D11)
"Zero Hour" was also
done in 15 minutes
alone (X26).
Dec 12 79 "Hostess" by Isaac Terry Keane, 1234 6789A
Asimov Les Damon
Dec 19 80 "The Reluctant Heroes" Mandel Kramer, 123456789A
by Frank M. Robinson Bob Hastings
Dec 26 81 "Honeymoon in Hell" by William Redfield, 123456789A
Frederic Brown Wilma Cure
Jan 02 82 "The Moon Is Green" by Bill Lipton, 123 56789A
Fritz Leiber Joyce Gordon
Jan 09 83 "A Saucer of Elaine Ross, 123 56789A
Loneliness" by Nat Polen
Theodore Sturgeon
Jan 16 84 "The Girls From Earth" Mandel Kramer, 123 56789A
by Frank M. Robinson Bob Hastings
Jan 23 85 "Open Warfare" by Jack Grimes, 123 56789A
James E. Gunn Larry Haines
Jan 30 86 "Caretaker" by James Raymond E. Johnson 123456789A
H. Schmitz
Feb 06 87 "Venus Is A Man's Dennis Bellagio, 1234 6789A
World" by William Bob Haig
Feb 13 88 "The Trap" by Finn Donald Buka, 1234 6789A
O'Donovan Ralph Bell
Feb 20 89 "Field Study" by Peter Les Damon, 1234 6789A
Phillips Terri Keane
Feb 27 90 "Real Gone" by Ernest Al 'Jazzbo' Collins, 123 56789A
Kinoy Harold Huber
Mar 06 91 "The Seventh Victim" Lawson Zerbe, 1234 6789A
by Robert Sheckley Terri Keane
Mar 13 92 "The Lights On Jim Boles, 1234 6789A
Precipice Peak" by Ted Osborne
Stephen Tall
Mar 20 93 "Protection" by Robert William Redfield, 1234 6789A
Sheckley Elliott Reid
Mar 27 94 "At The Post" by H.L. Arnold Moss, 1234 6789A
Gold Frank Maxwell
Apr 03 95 "Martian Sam" by Ivor Francis, 123 6789A
Ernest Kinoy Santos Ortega
Apr 10 96 "Something For Nothing" Joseph Julian, 1234 6789A
by Robert Sheckley Wendall Holmes
Apr 17 97 "The Discovery of Leon Janey, 1234 6789A
Mornial Mathaway" Wendall Holmes
by William Tenn
Apr 24 98 "Man's Best Friend" by Raymond E. Johnson, 123456789A
Evelyn Smith William Redfield

... no show 05-01 & ...
... 06-19, switched ...
... to Thursday ...
... evening ...

Jun 20 99 "Inside Story" by Bob Hastings, 1234 6789A
Richard Wilson Leon Janey
Jun 27 100 "The Category Inventor" Nelson Olmsted, 123 6789A
by Arthur Sellings Wendall Holmes
Jul 04 101 "Skulking Permit" by 12 6789A
Robert Sheckley (X38)
Jul 11 102 "Early Model" by Bob Hastings, 123 6789A
Robert Sheckley Joe Bell
Jul 18 103 "The Merchants of Jackson Beck, 123 6789A
Venus" by A.H. Bernard Lenrow
Phelps Jr.
Jul 25 104 "The Haunted Corpse" Leon Janey, 1234 789A
by Frederik Pohl Jim Boles
Aug 01 105 "End As a World" by Jack Grimes, 123 6789A
F.L. Wallace Larry Robinson
Aug 08 106 "The Scapegoat" by Wendall Holmes, 123 6789A
Richard Maples Karl Weber
Aug 15 107 "At the Post" by 12 6789A
H.L. Gold. (X94)
Aug 22 108 "Drop Dead" by Lawson Zerbe, 123 6789A
Clifford D. Simak Ralph Camargo
Aug 29 109 "Volpla" by Wyman Guin Nelson Olmsted, 123 56789A
Ann Pitoniak
Sep 05 110 "A Saucer of Lonliness" 12 6789A
by Theodore Sturgeon
Sep 12 111 "The Old Die Rich" by 12 6789A
H.L. Gold. (X60)
Sep 19 112 "Tsylana" by James E. Walter Black, 1234 6789A
Gunn David Ross
Sep 26 113 "The Native Problem" John Thomas, 123 6789A
by Robert Sheckley Joseph Bolin
Oct 03 114 "A Wind Is Rising" by Les Damon, 123 6789A
Finn O'Donovan Bert Cowlen
Oct 10 115 "Death Wish" by Ned Ralph Camargo, 123 6789A
Lang Maurice Tarplin
Oct 17 116 "Point of Departure" Dean Lyman Olmquist, 1234 6789A
by Vaughn Shelton Ivor Francis
Oct 24 117 "The Light" by Poul Karl Weber, 1234 6789A
Anderson Bob Hastings
Oct 31 118 "Lulu" by Clifford D. Jan Miner, 123 6789A
Simak Nelson Olmsted
Nov 07 ... no program ...
Nov 14 ... no program ...
Nov 21 119 "The Coffin Cure" by Raymond E. Johnson, 123 6789A
Alan E. Nourse Joseph Bell
Nov 28 120 "Shock Troop" by Bernard Lenrow, 1234 6789A
Daniel Galouye Edwin Cooper
Dec 05 ... no program ...
Dec 12 121 "The Haunted Corpse" 12 4 789A
by Frederik Pohl
Dec 19 122 "Double Dare" by Ralph Camargo, 1234 6789A
Robert Silverberg Ivor Francis
Dec 26 123 "Target One" by Joseph Bell, 123 6789A
Frederik Pohl Frank Silvera
Jan 02 124 "Prime Difference" by Lawson Zerbe, 123 6789A
Alan E. Nourse Ann Loring
Jan 09 125 "Gray Flannel Armor" William Redfield, 23456789A
by Finn O'Donovan Guy Repp

Jan 17 --- "The Iron Chancellor" Jackson Beck 1234 67 9A
by Robert Silverberg
Revival attempt

Information Sources:

The information above was obtained from the following OTR vendors
and clubs. Contact them directly for more information.

Key Source
--- ----------------------------------------------------------------
1 Edward J. Carr, 216 Shaner Street, Boyertown, PA 19512
2 Jerry Haendiges Productions, Jerry Haendiges, 13808 Sunset Dr.,
Whittier, CA 90602
3 Radio Showcase, Steve Kelez, PO Box 4357, Santa Rosa, CA 95402
4 North American Radio Archives, 134 Vincewood Dr., Nicolasville,
KY 40356
5 Society to Preserve and Encourage Radio Drama, Variety And
Comedy, PO Box 7177, Van Nuys, CA 91409-7177
6 Radio Historical Association of Colorado, PO Box 1908,
Englewood, CO 80150
7 AVPRO, Don Aston, PO Box 1392, Lake Elsinore, CA 92531-1392
8 Radio Memories, Ted Davenport, 1600 Wewoka St., North Little
Rock, AR 72116
9 Vintage Broadcasts, Andy Blatt, PO Box 50065, Staten Island, NY
A The Sci-Fi Guy, Gordon R. Payton, #114 E. Cuthbert Blvd., Bldg.
F1, Westmont, NJ 08108-1829
B Crabapple Sound, Henry Hinkel, 254 Florida Ave., Amsterdam, NY

To be fair to all, this is not an endorsement of the above vendors
and clubs. I receive nothing by mentioning them. They help keep
OTR alive. Please support them.


* "Science Fiction on Radio: A Revised Look At 1950-1975" by James
F. Widner and Meade Frierson III. (Available from A.F.A.B, PO
Box 130969, Birmingham, AL 35213-0969).
* "The Ultimate History of Network Radio Programming and Guide To
All Circulating Shows", third edition, by Jay Hickerson, Box 4321,
Hamden, CT 06514

Other Logs or Books:

* X MINUS ONE log, Jay Hickerson, Box 4321, Hamden, CT 06514
* X MINUS ONE log, Jerry Haendiges Productions, 13808 Sunset Dr.,
Whittier, CA 90602 (available from the Internet at The Vintage
Radio Place,

Last Update: Feb 22, 2001

This log is informational only and does not imply that I, or the
information sources mentioned, have these shows for trade or
sale. The shows may still be protected under copyright law and
should be obtained only from authorized dealers.

Please send error corrections or additional information to Frank
Passage, 109 Elmwood Road, Verona, NJ 07044 or via e-mail to

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