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Murder On The Air WebRing
For fans of old time radio mystery and horror programs.

OTR Link Society Network
The Old Time Radio Link Society is dedicated to the Golden Age of Radio Media and fan's of the Old Time Radio Show's. The OTR Link Society provides a safe and pleasant web surfing experience for Old Time Radio hobbyists of all ages.

Dedicated to the memory of the great Orson Welles who revolutionized the stage, radio, and especially film.To orson Welles, the great genius and all around Renaissance man. This ring promises to preserve the history of the most exploited art forms (namely film) that Welles tried to conduct into his own aesthetics. For fans, by fans, and hoping to educate and commemorate. WorldWideWelles.

Radio/Audio Drama Enthusiasts
This ring is dedicated to linking together sites relating to Radio/Audio Drama, Comedy, Mystery, and Variety shows. By linking these sites, Fans and Enthusiasts browsing the web will have an easy way of navigating through websites that interest them.

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