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Bradbury 13

B R A D B U R Y 1 3
--------------- ---


First Show: Apr 14, 1984 Last Show: Jul 15, 1984
Number Shows: 13 Audition Show: none

Series Description:

This series of thirteen radio dramas originated at Brigham Young
University and were broadcast during 1984 on National Public Radio.
A fourteenth show, featuring Ray Bradbury discussing his career,
completes the series. The series was syndicated and has been broad-
cast since the origional airing.

BRADBURY 13 was introduced by Paul Frees and produced by Michael
McDonough. Mike went on to design the sound effects for several
major films.

All shows were based on works by Ray Bradbury and varied from
science fiction ("Kaleidoscope"), to thriller, horror ("The Wind")
or just plain fun ("There Was An Old Woman").

The acting was very much above average for a contemporary production,
and the overall package was superior (in great measure thanks to the
source material). The shows featured excellent use of stereo and

The show titles may seem familiar. Mr. Bradbury's stories were the
source for many OTR shows. For example, "Kaleidoscope" appeared in
DIMENSION X and SUSPENSE. "The Fox and the Forest" was done as "To
the Future" in DIMENSION X. SF 68, a 1968 science fiction series
produced in South Africa, included "A Sound of Thunder". One of the
earliest was RADIO CITY PLAYHOUSE: "The Wind" (10-30-49).

Log Comments:

Since this was a modern, syndicated series, the broadcast dates may
be in error. Most came from reader feedback. Based on this info,
I was able to order and date almost all shows. Two shows have
neither dates nor numbers and are listed after the dated shows. If
the remainder of the log is correct, they are numbers 1 and 13. I
have no date for the interview with Mr. Bradbury.

Jerry Haendiges' log shows dates starting on June 15, 1989 and his
order is different than the list below, possibly based on one of the
syndication broadcasts. His list is noteworthy as it includes a brief
show description, a cast listing and an anthology where the original
short story can be found.


Date Day Num Title
------------ --- --- ------------------------------------
Apr 14, 1984 Sat 1 ... title not known ...
Apr 21, 1984 Sat 2 "The Ravine"
Apr 28, 1984 Sat 3 "The Veldt"
May 05, 1984 Sat 4 "There Was An Old Woman"
May 13, 1984 Sun 5 "Kaleidoscope"
May 20, 1984 Sun 6 "Dark They Were And Golden Eyed"
May 27, 1984 Sun 7 "The Screaming Woman"
Jun 10, 1984 Sun 8 "The Man"
Jun 17, 1984 Sun 9 "The Wind"
Jun 24, 1984 Sun 10 "A Sound of Thunder"
Jul 01, 1984 Sun 11 "Here There Be Tigers"
Jul 08, 1984 Sun 12 "The Happiness Machine"
Jul 15, 1984 Sun 13 ... title not known ...

??? ??, 1984 "The Fox in the Forest"
??? ??, 1984 "Nightcall Collect"
??? ??, 1984 Bradbury on Bradbury
(an interview with Ray Bradbury)


* "The Ultimate History of Network Radio Programming and Guide To
All Circulating Shows", third edition, by Jay Hickerson, Box 4321,
Hamden, CT 06514

Other Logs or Books:

* BRADBURY THIRTEEN log, Jerry Haendiges Productions, 13808 Sunset
Dr., Whittier, CA 90602 (available from the Internet at The Vintage
Radio Place,
* "Science Fiction on Radio: A Revised Look At 1950-1975" by James
F. Widner and Meade Frierson III. (Available from A.F.A.B, PO
Box 130969, Birmingham, AL 35213-0969).

Last Update: Feb 22, 2001

This log is informational only and does not imply that I have these
shows for trade or sale. The shows are still protected under
copyright law and should be obtained only from authorized dealers.

Please send error corrections or additional information to Frank
Passage, 109 Elmwood Road, Verona, NJ 07044 or via e-mail to

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