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Nero Wolfe

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First Show: Jan 16, 1982 Last Show: Apr 10, 1982
Number Shows: 13 Audition Show: none known

Series Description:

Nero Wolfe, a character from a series of novels by Rex Stout, was
known as the gargantuan gourmet, the fat genius whose eye for detail
has solved many a perfect murder. Wolfe rated the knife and fork as
the greatest tools ever invented by man. Archie Goodwin, Wolfe's
male secretary, prodded him into taking cases whenever the bank
balance got a little low.

Nero Wolfe came to radio first in the United States on the NBC Blue
Network in the early 1940's in THE NEW ADVENTURES OF NERO WOLFE. In
the late 1940's, his adventures were heard on the Mutual network in
THE AMAZING NERO WOLFE. The last US series featuring this detective
was THE NEW ADVENTURES OF NERO WOLFE in the early 1950's.

In 1982, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation brought detective Nero
Wolfe back to radio. The CBC called their series simply NERO WOLFE.
It ran for only 13 1-hour shows, all of which were done in stereo.
The shows were adaptations of short stories from various anthologies.

Wolfe, as a character, is difficult to like. He's a self-assured
type that does nothing unless he wants to. He never even leaves his
house, making his assistant, Archie Goodwin, deal with the outside
world. Mayver Moore, who plays Wolfe, and Don Francs, playing
Archie, perform their parts very well. With a full hour per show,
there's ample time for character and plot development. The entire
series is well done, an enjoyable listen.

Log Comments:

For those who'd like to read Rex Stout as well as listen, the name
of the anthology containing the origional short story and the first
publication date is listed below the title.


Date Day Num Title
------------ --- --- --------------------------------------
Jan 16, 1982 Sat 1 "Disguise For Murder"
Anthology: "Curtains for Three"
Published: 1950
Jan 23, 1982 Sat 2 "Before I Die"
Anthology: "Trouble in Triplicate"
Published: February 1949
Jan 30, 1982 Sat 3 "Counterfeit For Murder"
Anthology: "Homicide Trinity"
Published: April 1962.
Feb 06, 1982 Sat 4 "Cop Killer"
Anthology: "Triple Jeopardy"
Published: March 1952
Feb 13, 1982 Sat 5 "Christmas Party"
Anthology: "And Four to Go"
Published: July 1958
Feb 20, 1982 Sat 6 "Cordially Invited To Meet Death"
Anthology: "Black Orchids"
Published: 1942
Feb 27, 1982 Sat 7 "Man Alive"
Anthology: "Three Doors to Death"
Published: January 1950
Mar 06, 1982 Sat 8 "Instead Of Evidence"
Anthology: "Trouble in Triplicate"
Published: February 1949
Mar 13, 1982 Sat 9 "Eeny, Meeny, Murder Mo"
Anthology: "Homicide Trinity"
Published: April 1962
Mar 20, 1982 Sat 10 "The Squirt And The Monkey"
Anthology: "Triple Jeopardy"
Published: March 1952
Mar 27, 1982 Sat 11 "The Next Witness"
Anthology: "Three Witnesses"
Published: March 1956
Apr 03, 1982 Sat 12 "Death Of A Demon"
Anthology: "Homicide Trinity"
Published: April 1962
Apr 10, 1982 Sat 13 "Murder Is No Joke" (Last Show)
Anthology: "And Four to Go"
Published: July 1958


* "The Ultimate History of Network Radio Programming and Guide To
All Circulating Shows", third edition, by Jay Hickerson, Box 4321,
Hamden, CT 06514

Last Update: Feb 22, 2001

This log is informational only and does not imply that I have these
shows for trade or sale. The shows are still protected under
copyright law and should be obtained only from authorized dealers.

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Passage, 109 Elmwood Road, Verona, NJ 07044 or via e-mail to

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