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Survey Results

What can we do to make the site better?
We are constantly striving to provide you radio drama fans with a resource that is the best free site on the 'net. We'd like to hear from you and see what you think would make OTR.US better.

What would you like to see us change/add to the site to make it better?
Change the color scheme to something brighter: 15%
Increase the number of shows available beyond the current 3: 67%
Add guest editorials to the site: 3%
Provide a synopsis of all episodes under each show profiled: 11%
Charge a fee and give full access to our databases: 4%

Past Surveys

3/17/2002: What would you like to see next?
Since we will be listing all of our shows in their entirety before starting a new one, we just thought we'd give you all a chance to vote on the next series to present to you...

What shows would you like to see next available to download from The Living Room?
Box 13: 18%
Mercury Theatre of the Air: 24%
Casey, Crime Photographer: 16%
X Minus One: 15%
Richard Diamond, Private Investigator: 26%

9/9/2001: How should we set up our downloads?
We are in the process of defining how we are going to build our show download system. This system will be automated so you all won't have to depend on me to rotate the selections. I would also like to set it up so that anyone who wishes can request an e-mail reminder when the programs rotate.

How often would you like to see us rotate the
One show per day, changed daily?: 12%
Multiple shows per week, randomly chosen?: 40%
Multiple shows per week, in series order?: 48%

Everyone has their own preferences in style of shows. I know I have certain types of shows that I'm drawn to initially. How about you?

What is your favorite type of OTR show?
Hardboiled detective: 43%
Science Fiction: 11%
Adventure: 3%
Drama: 3%
Comedy: 40%

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